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        Ashley and Stephen Foster are personally angry about JUUL creating a dangerous product, not being honest about it and marketing to minors.  They have personally sued big corporations and gotten their clients money before but they have never been more upset than they are at a big corporation than they are at JUUL.

        JUUL made money killing people and hurting people.

        JUUL knew that their products were dangerous and the didn’t care.  Some JUUL users will pay the price for the rest of their lives.

        We will never know how many lives JUUL’s actions cost.    Selling a product that you know is super dangerous is terrible but marketing that product to children because of greed is unforgivable.   


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          “JUUL pods” are packages that are filled with nicotine liquid and other substances.  These “pods” attach to a Juul device and the liquid nicotine solution is vaporized and then it is inhaled.




          There is as much nicotine in a JUUL pod as in an entire pack of cigarettes.  Also, there are other potentially harmful ingredients included.


          JUUL pod liquid is mostly made up of solvents to which nicotine is added.  This solutions turns from liquid to gas when heated. Among the solvents that are used in e-liquid products are both glycerin and propylene glycol, these solvents have no smell and no taste.


          The FDA has found that these products are safe to eat but it is unknown whether these products are safe to inhale. Both propylene glycol and glycerin can become formaldehyde as part of the process by which they break down.


          Several epidemiology studies of people exposed to formaldehyde in the workplace have reported a link between formaldehyde exposure and cancer of the nasopharynx (the uppermost part of the throat), but this outcome has not been observed in other studies. These studies looked at workers in occupational setting that use or make formaldehyde and formaldehyde resins, as well as at people who work as embalmers.


          Studies of people exposed to formaldehyde in the workplace have also found a possible link to cancer of the nasal sinuses.


          Also, most styles of nicotine JUUL pods add flavorings to these solutions. Until the flavors were banned by the FDA, these pods would be sold in flavors.  Flavors such as cotton candy, crème brulee and fruit punch.  Evidence is starting to come out about about the effects of these flavorings.  Despite the lack of research about the effect of inhaling these products, they were sold anyway.


          Investigators for the United States Congress determined that Juul “deployed a sophisticated program” and that they paid schools as much as $10,000 each to allow their representatives deliver its message directly to children.  In at least one presentation, a company representative taught children how to use a Juul e-cigarette.


          When alone with the students it has been reported that a Juul representative told the kids that Juul products were “totally safe” and then “followed up every ‘totally safe’ with ‘but we don’t want you as customers.’” The representative also took out a Juul device, called it the “iPhone of vapes,” and showed the students how it worked. There was congressional testimony that the class was given the impression that the products were just a “flavor device that didn’t have any harmful substances in it.”


          Other evidence showed that Juul Labs also targeted preteen kids through summer camps and out-of-school programs. JUUL advertised to children.  They did not simply fail to avoid advertising to children.  They actively advertised to children.